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The new BaitStar Advanced baitboat, handbuild in the netherlands and with a new revolutionary way to spread your bait, see the video in this link!

This boat will give you much more ways to spread your bait incomparisson with standard boats, you can make big spread out spots but also compact ones.
The boat itself is build with high quality materials and parts.

You can configure this boat anyway you want and desire, the sky is the limit!

Different GPS-systems, Autopilots,  and a wide range of Sonars are possible.

The boats comes standard with Lithium batteries and not with lead acid like most other boats.

If you want more information please contact us and we are happy to give you more information!


Afmetingen: 80x40x28
Gewicht: 6.5 kg
Voercapaciteit: 5kg of 2 x 2.5kg (dmv verdeler) + 1L via baitthrower
BaitThrower: 1L partikels/pellets/boilies tot 20mm
Materiaal: ABS Engineering plastics
Motoren: 2x High power ECO oversized kogel gelagerde motoren
Verlichting: 2x witte voor en 2x blauwe 1w LED achter (schakelbaar via handzender)
Besturing: Digitale 2.4Ghz handzender
Kleur: Zwart
Accu’s: Li-Ion 30Ah accu (2x 15Ah)
Lader: output 3A
Dieptemeter/GPS: Optioneel
Optioneel: Baitthrower met 1L capaciteit


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