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BaitStar Xpert baitboat


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The Xpert is compact, fast, reliable and complete, it has a modern design and is fitted with latest and state of the art electronics designed and tested by ourselves.
One of the unique features on the Xpert Bait Boat is the hoppers have a designated slit in the hopper allowing you to place your rig without even having to open your hopper doors on the bait boat.
It is also possible to upgrade the Xpert with the revolutionairy BaitThrower to spread your bait in a wide area on your spots, there is no better way for spreading your bait! So if you are looking for something different where you can spread your bait around the swim this may be the baitboat for you.

You also have the option to add a GPS solution on your baitboat. GPS is perfect for when you need to get your bait on the same spot over a session knowing that your rig and bait will be on spot every time. The GPS/Autopilot allows you to save 52 spots on the touch screen transmitter. For GPS Autopilot have a look at the Xpert AllinOne baitboat

The optional SonarTab fishfinder is perfect for mapping your swim, getting an idea of the depth, lake bed and even the showing of fish in your swim. This is an amazing tool giving you price of mind you are in the right spot.
Overall the Xpert baitboat is an incredible bit of kit, manufacture by a company who understand the needs of anglers giving you the tools to help you on your way on banking some lumps on the bank.

All electronics in the boat are redesigned en tested the past months and is very reliable and easy to use.


Measures: 65x37x25cm
Weight: 4.5kg
Material: ABS
Color: Black

Engine: 2x High-performance high-torque ultra-silence engine
Transmitter: 2.4GHz
Lights: 1W High power LED (2x white front & 2x blue back) dimable via transmitter
Battery: Lithium Ion
Voltage indicator: Yes
Charger: 3A

Baithoppers: 2 (incl. uitneembare verdeler)
Capacity: 3kg (2×1.5kg)
BaitThrower: 1 Liter (optional)

Download the Manual


Type: 2.4
Range: +300m Range (depending upon environmental conditions)

Hull specs:
Type: Trimaran
Dimensions: 65x37x25cm
Material: ABS
Weight: 4.5 kg
Design: Glossy black

Capacity: 3L (or 2×1.5L)
Hoppers: 2 (seperately controlable)
Total dimension: (24cmx15cmx13cm)

Engine: 2x High performance 700 series DC ultra silent engines
Lights: 2x white LED front & 2x blue LED back (switchable via remote)
Batteries: LithiumIon 13Ah
Charger: 3Ah
– Designated hopper slit on the back
– Low Battery indicator
– Basic boat bag

Sonar: SonarTab or Toslon TF-500
GPS: BaitStar Xpert AllinOne baitboat
Baitthrower: 1Ltr


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