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BaitStar Pro All-in-One baitboat


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The BaitStar Pro All-in-One bait boat, the flagship of the all-in-one bait boats, very high quality and finish and extremely complete!

Now also available with optional Raymarine DragonFly 5 Pro sonar!

This very modern bait boat is very stable due to its tri-maran hull and can be combined with. the very economical and quiet engines work well on the larger waters where things can sometimes be a bit rough. It is equipped with 2x18Ah Lithium batteries including charger with which you can easily get through a week without charging.
With a range of 400m (for boat, depth sounder and GPS) you can also reach the most remote swims without any problems.

The operation of all functions is fully controlled from the hand-held transmitter with color LCD screen, depth sounder, GPS/autopilot, stainless steel feeders, hook release and are simple and problem-free to operate.

The GPS has the ability to store 900 swims and works very accurately to put your rigs back on the hotspot every time!
Together with the very detailed color depth gauge, this is really a killer because it easily distinguishes vegetation, obstacles, hardness, gradient and fish.

This topper comes complete with a sturdy bag for the boat and all accessories, tripod for the handheld transmitter and much more!

A Baitspiral (+195 euros) or our unique baitthrower (+250 euros) is also optionally available on this boat.


Type: 2.4 digital
Range: +400m Range (depending upon environmental conditions)

Hull specs:
Type: Trimaran
Dimensions: 69x45x25cm
Material: ABS
Weight: 7.5 kg
Design: Carbon, Glossy Black/Red or Blue

Capacity: 6L (or 2×3L)
Hoppers: 2 Stainless steel (seperately controlable)

Engine: 2x High performance oversized ultra silent engines
Lights: white LEDs front & green LEDs back (switchable via remote)
Batteries: LithiumIon 2x18Ah
Charger: 2x 5Ah
GPS/Autopilot: 900 positions + Home
Sonar: Color
Hookrelease: 2

– Auto home function
– Low Battery indicator
– Deluxe boat bag

Raymarine Dragon Fly Pro 5 Sonar
BaitThrower: Yes (+ 250 euro)
BaitSpiral: Yes (+195 euro)


Video on how to use the Pro All-in-One baitboat:

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