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BaitStar Advanced baitboat


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The Advanced is made of super strong and light ABS, equipped with 2 very quiet but powerful motors which are controlled by a new central system specially developed for bait boats. The drive is very energy efficient and with the standard battery set (2x18Ah Lithium Ion) you can sail for approximately 6 hours, which is unprecedented for a 2-engine catamaran boat in this class.

It comes from the same stable as the Pro AllinOne and is equipped with a 3rd generation Toslon full color depth gauge (TF520) integrated into the screen and of course also equipped with an accurate autopilot GPS system with which you can record 900 spots.

It is also possible to install a Deeper Chirp 2+ GPS in addition to the standard integrated Toslon depth sounder. This combination gives you the best of both worlds. With the Deeper you have a sonar system with Chirp technology that scans and maps the bottom and underwater world even more accurately. It is also possible to make water/depth maps of your favourite waters and swims, all with a tablet.
For quick sessions, use the integrated Toslon depth gauge, and when you want to do better mapping, grab your tablet and use the Deeper Chirp 2+ GPS!

The boat is equipped with a rig slot so that you can easily place your rig in the feed trough and there is room for about 6kg of feed divided over 3 feed troughs.

In addition to spreading the feed in the normal way (via feeding valves), the Advanced can also spread particles/pellets/boilies up to 18mm via the unique Bait Thrower (RoTo Feeder/BaitSpreader) which can spread the feed in a diameter of up to 10m around the boat .
This function is very unique and works much better than, for example, an auger with which you can only create a feeding track.

So you can choose to feed compactly by only using the feeding valves or to create a large feeding area by using. the BaitThrower also at great distances where you can no longer reach while casting, for example.
You also no longer have to use a rubber boat because you simply lock the spot in the GPS Autopilot and sail back exactly to the same spot every time and can feed 3 liters at a time using the baitthrower.

Because the digital handheld transmitter is equipped with a large LCD color screen, it is possible to properly operate and read all functions, such as the (Toslon) Depth Gauge/Fish Finder, which clearly shows the bottom profile, depth, hardness and things such as vegetation, obstacles and fish .

A sturdy backpack in camouflage design is also included as standard to safely transport the boat, as well as a hard case for the handheld transmitter.
The handheld transmitter can be placed at a good height using the included tripod so that you have your hands free during use.

The Advanced is available in the colors Carbon, High-gloss Black and Camo Black.


Type: 2.4/5.8 digital
Range: +300m Range (depending upon environmental conditions)

Hull specs:
Type: Catamaran
Dimensions: 80x40x28cm
Material: ABS
Weight: 6.5 kg
Design: Carbon

Capacity: 6.5L (2x 2.5L + 1x 1.5L)
Hoppers: 3 (seperately controlable)
BaitThrower: 3L (optional)

Engine: 2x High performance 900 series DC ultra silent engines
Lights: 2x white LED front & 2x blue LED back (switchable via remote)
Batteries: LithiumIon 30Ah (2x15Ah)
Charger: 3Ah

– BaitThrower 3L
– Low Battery indicator
– Basic boat bag

Sonar: SonarTab, Toslon TF500 or Raymarine DF5 Pro
GPS: GPS/Autopilot with 30 programmable spots


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