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Toslon TF-750 Duo Fishfinder GPS Autopilot With 3D Mapping


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TF750 is an ALL-IN-ONE Autopilot navigation and sonar system, itprovides users multi-target autopilot function for the boat. Andsonar data of TF750 can be saved as *.csv file to SD card, which canbe imported to Reefmaster to create 3D map.Users also can connect TF750 to laptop, and save depth/coordinateby Reefmaster or Thirdpart software

Dual beam sonar, can adjust between wide and narrow.
Push-Go Key (shortcut)
Multi-Target autopilot
Pick Up Waypoint form Map
KML Import to Define Lake Boundary
Wide(115Khz)/narrow(455Khz) sonar beam selection
Steering Sensitivity Adjustable
Built-in Lithium battery Charger
Hardware Gain Adjustable
Color Route to Indicate Depth (2D Map)
Advanced radio system (FHSS/DSSS)
Saving date to SD card or thirdpard software

Reefmaster software sold separately.

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