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Toslon TF-740 Sonar/GPS/Autopilot


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The TF740 is specially designed for bait boats. It integrates wireless fish finder, high precision compass, GPS and autopilot system. The advanced sonar features show you a detailed bottom structure and fish signals. The autopilot system accurately navigates the boat to a saved target. It’s a true autonomous driving system, which can help anglers use their boats under harsh conditions, such as in the dark or in heavy fog. The TF740 supports *.kml files (which can be edited via Google Earth), then set it as the outline of the lake. It helps the angler to precisely select a point and then simply activates the autopilot mode via the [PUSH-GO] button. The TF740 is not only a fish finder, but also an unmanned operating system for bait boats that ensures you have a happy time of fishing.

Toslon TF740 – All-in-One device that combine Fishfinder , GPS + Compass and Autopilot for Bait boats!
Simply control your boat from one device – Toslon TF740.

Here are some of the Top features of the device:
• Hardware Gain adjustable
• Full 5” TFT Screen ensure you have clear vision of the bottom
• Adjustable Hardware Gain
• FHHS & DSSS Radio Systems
• Compass in the boat and in the Display
• Supporting 1 and 2 propellers boats
• Steering Sensitivity Adjustments
• Wiring Test mode
• Push-Go Key (Shortcut)
• Picking up waypoints from Map
• Google KML Import to Define Lake Boundaries
• GPS Accuracy 2.5m
• 500 Waypoints
• Sonar Coverage 60 Degree
• Ping Rate 6Hz
• Max depth of 40m
• Range +400m

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