Toslon TF-650 GPS (3D Mapping)


Toslon TF650 (3D Mapping) is 2.4 ghz wireless fishfinder

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TF650 can create 3D map of water bottom (lake, river, etc ) with Reefmaster mapping software. Are you curious what’s the bottom shape under the water? Simply drive the bait boat (with TF650) across it and you can create a live 3D map of the water area. TOSLON TF650 provides a perfect solution for users to do that by combining the sonar tech and GPS data into hydrographic maps. TF650 (with a bait boat) collects depth data and transmit them to your laptop / PC by a transmitter. Then with the Reefmaster map software you will create the 3D map on your laptop / PC. TOSLON TF650 let anglers precisely know the water bottom shape, which will help them easily find new fishing spots. And it also can be used by industrial or commercial customers, like hydrologic exploration company, dredging companies, etc.

GPS and Compass

GPS data display   Distance to target, Distance to Home,Speed of boat,Time to Board,Satellite Number,Heading,Bear, Course Memory,Time of day,Main Battery.Compass indicatior of the instant boat heading direction on screen (a red “+” on screen indicate the target)Indicator of the position and distance to target waypoint and HOMEBoat arriving alarmSingal lost alarmingIndication of satallite condition by color bar: red(0~3satallites); Yellow(3~6); Blue(>6)Show the current position as latitude/longitude in decimal degrees20 RF channels allow different users operationg at same region without interferenceDetailed waypoint information including icon, name, date, etc,Zoom in/Out route display


Adopt brand new digital wireless sonar systemReal time sonar windows display the latest sonar returnsColor Line separates fish and structure from the bottom, and defines bottom hardness.Display target depth reading above each fish symbol as a guide for quick and precise lure presentations.Sonar alarm: fish / shallow / low battery(boat battery and display battery)3 background colorsBuilt-in temp sensor in transducer

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