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DPM camo deluxe XL baitboat bag


1 in stock (can be backordered)



The Cult Tackle DPM XL Boat Bag Set is carefully designed with a hard wearing 600D DPM material, with anglers in mind and allows the accommodation of a large range of larger bait boats including: Toslon X-Boats, Waverunner MK4, and RT4’s (others listed below).

The spacious internal section to accommodate the boat features a 4mm thick, foam padding throughout. Providing a protective surrounding wall to ensure your expensive boat is always protected.

The top of the bag is always secured down with 2 heavy duty zips with large Cult branded zip pullers to ensure easy access. Two spacious end pockets (one either end), make up the rest of the Boat Bag, providing extra spaces for any additional extra items you may wish to carry such as batteries, chargers, solar panels etc. The bag is finished off with 4 ergonomic, neoprene carry handles for easy transportation.

The Boat Bag also comes complete with a Boat Protection Mat and an Inner Boat Gadget Bag (both also sold separately). This handy gadget bag slots perfectly under most larger boats and can protect all your bait boat gadgets such as: handsets, fish-finders, batteries etc.

Complete with XL Boat Protection Mat and Inner Gadget Bag (to house handsets, fish-finders and batteries).
Four ergonomic, strong neoprene carry handles for easy transport.
Strong, hardwearing and wipe clean PVC waterproof base.
Thick 4mm Foam Padding throughout.

Internal Dimensions – 71cm x 43cm x 23cm

CUL18 – DPM Deluxe boat bag also fits:

Toslon X-Boat, Waverunner MK4, Carp Lounge RT4, Carp Technics Wildcat, Anatec Maxboat, BaitCruiser XL, Nanotec GT2 etc.

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