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BaitStar SonarTab Color Fishfinder/Sonar


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The SonarTab is the latest sonar/fishfinder on the market, and changes your mobilephone or tablet in a few seconds into a full screen colour HD sonar/fishfinder. The SonarTab is especially developed and optimized for baitboats by the BaitStar team and one of their partners.
The package consists of a transducer with transmitter module (for in the baitboat(12V)) and a small receiver which can be connected to your device by WiFi.
Because we use an external receiver it doesn’t matter what type or brand of tablet/mobile phone you have, you’ll always have at least 300m of reach no matter what!

The SonarTab is especially developed for baitboats so it is not an after market modified fishfinder by a third party, it is really designed for your baitboat, that is why we guarrantee it will work in 99% with all baitboats and handsets up to a distance of at least 300m.

Because the SonarTab uses a free WiFi connection you can use it always and anywhere without any extra costs (also abroad).

– Wifi connection
– Distance +/- 300 meter (for both mobilephone and tablet)
– Full screen colour HD, very detailed!
– Free mobile app for Android- and iOS-smartphones & tablets (Search for Godio app or Vexilar SonarPhone app in app and play store)
– Detailed information about the underwater world (depth, detection of hard / soft bottom, weed plants, stones and any obstacles under water)
– Depth capabiltiy: 40 meter
– Different menu languages (English, German, French, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Polish etc..)

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