BaitStar Pro-X Camo (GPS/autopilot/fishfinder)

BaitStar Pro-X Camo, the small powerhouse equipped with the latest techniques!


BaitStar Pro-X Camo (GPS/autopilot/fishfinder)


BaitStar Pro-X Camo, the small powerhouse equipped with the latest techniques!

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The BaitStar Pro-X baitboat in camo version,

! FREE Backpack for protection and transport (Value 44,95 euro) when buying the BaitStar Pro-X with Sonar/Fishfinder and GPS/autopilot or FREE Shipping all over Europe (19,95 euro)!

Can be supplied with lithium batteries (12Ah or 20Ah) or LeadAcid batteries (10Ah), barometer to measure air pressure and built-in compass/GPS to automatically sail to saved spots!

Because of its 2 (700 series) engines this boat is very manoeuvrable and can run around its shaft so that it is well maneuverable in small spaces.
Its compact size (60x35x22cm) and a feeding capacity of 3kg ensure that it can be used on any type of water and situation!

When the hoppers are opened, the LEDs will blink to indicate that the bait/rigs is unloaded, the same when using the hookrelease.

Through the integrated sonar you can easily find your hotspots and/or get an idea of how the underwater world looks like where you want to fish.

Also, having your bait present on the right spot has never been easier, with the autopilot/GPS the Pro-X sails exactly to your hotspot, especially at night this is very convenient!

The built-in LCD monitor allows you to monitor the system status of the baitboat in real time. This allows you to control the battery level, the direction, the atmospheric pressure thanks to the integrated barometer. You can also read the depth and geographic position on the LCD screen.

In addition, the BaitStar pro-X Camo boat also comes standard in camouflage design, lithium batteries (12Ah or 20A) or lead batteries (10Ah) and built-in compass/GPS to automatically sail to presaved spots.

This package has great value for its price, there is no other boat as complete like this with the same superb quality!

The boat can also be equipped with the following options at an additional cost:

  • Bait Boat Bag Deluxe (+ 85 euro)
  • Baitboat Backpack Deluxe (+ 70 euro)

Please contact us for more information!

More information about the operation of GPS systems and the accuracy of this can be found here!


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